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Scarlet Slander

Glam Metal band based in Paris


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(These songs aren't finished yet and don't represent the final product. Some changes can be made before publishing the final mix.

Currently working on the EP...!


Jenny Punky, lead vocals of Scarlet Slander.

Lead Vocals

Jenny Punky - since 2013

Leader of Scarlet Slander, she is a Glam Metal lover since her childhood. In order to convey the spirit of Rock and Roll, she founded Scarlet Slander (formerly Glamour Survivor) with Lucas' brother, inspired by the infamous band Mötley Crüe. She also performs for a New Wave project called Jenny Punky and the Black Lights.



If Scarlet Slander was a RPG party, she would be the mage.


Lucas Labaye - since 2014

Lead Guitar of Scarlet Slander, he joined the band shortly after his brother and Jenny founded the band. Rythm guitar at first, he became the lead guitar after his brother's departure and then became Scarlet Slander's guitar hero and co-composer. His major influences are Michael Schenker (who's knocking the door - private joke) and Yngwie Malmsteen for the players, and - heavily - Dokken.



If Scarlet Slander was a RPG party, he would be the bard (by default).

Lucas Labaye, lead guitar and backing vocals of Scarlet Slander.
Shinko Kagenami, bass of Scarlet Slander.


Shinko Kagenami (影波心子) - since 2018

Bassist of Scarlet Slander, she began to play guitar some years before joining the band. After realizing she's not the guitar girl, she began to play bass, inspired by Koichi from Mejibray. Already helping Scarlet Slander with its organization and online strategy, she bought a bass and became a full-time member! Her look is based on a destroyed version of the Gothic Lolita fashion she loves mixed with Rock&Roll elements, inspired by Band-Maid (her favorite band) and their contrast between the look and music.



If Scarlet Slander was a RPG party, she would be the barbarian.


In a world where Magic never faded, and such beings as Dragons never extincted, technology developed along spells and large cities with its endless skyscrapers were built all across the land, all ruled by a dragon sitting on their "tower", the highest building of the city they rule. Rock&Roll used to be the thing back in the day, during the Rising Era (the period of mankind's highest development, when the industrial revolution occured), but nowadays are darker days of decline and decadence; the fanbase is nothing but a gathering of shells pretending to be metalheads.


Scarlet, a young maiden infused with the power of flames, has this very Heavy Metal spirit engraved in her soul. The lack of an actual acknowledgement of the Glam Metal soul from these limited minds stuck in a cliché apparence pisses her but nothing can change the fact that the Glam Metal style and music is dying. Kuri-El, the local Dragon-Ruler, encourages this soulless and manufactured counterfait of the fashion to strengthen his claws around his city and the surrounding lands.


Meanwhile, in the close countryside, a party of itinerant musicians and adventurers are traveling to promote the true Glam Metal style, but times are changing for the worst. Eventually, the two sides shall collapse to break the wall and it it only a matter of time before the Glam revival could occur. Shall you witness it?



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