Scarlet News #1 - October 2019
First actual live show,
Kickstarter, and more!

Hey dragons!

Just an update about our current news:

Open Stage session at the Forum Vauréal!

Let's begin with it! We Scarlet Slander played 2 of our songs ("Scarlet" and "Be Strong", the two demos released) during an open stage session set up by the association "La Ruche" at the Forum in Vauréal (the same place Y&T will play within 2 days) and, in the point of view from a band that only played twice in a sh177y bar, it was really grand! An actual stage, an audience cheering us up for only 2 songs already released was quite the big deal to us!
We even won an interview from a contest between all the participating artist - mostly rappers, as we got the highest voting rate! It's such a big step to us, that we're working more and more for the band! The picture of people enjoying our show is something that need to be burned in our minds, for it's a reminder that it's not just a professional activity we make for a living, but rather a fuel to our lives - reaching people's heart warms mine!!!

We posted the whole live and the VLOG made along on our Youtube channel, you can watch both below (with english subs for our international audience - feel free to ask us if you want to translate them into your native language)!


Kickstarter campaign's state

We're at 12% already, with 8 days left. It's kinda tricky, but we're still in! If you watched the videos above or read the FAQ, you can understand why we launched this campaign. It will be easier to us (even if it's not mandatory, we'll not quit if we don't succeed) since we'd like to release the EP for Christmas, and it was the chance for us to sell some limited goodies that would be unique. We didn't want to just ask for money so we're viewing it as a chance to give you a good christmas gift for you and the people close to you!

Here's the Kickstarter if you want to check it out:


About our Newsletter

We obviously noticed the growing rate of subscriptions to our Newsletter and we're glad that you are interrested to this media as well, no matter from which website (Facebook, Instagram, Kickstarter, Youtube) you come from! We originally thought it would be a good thing for people that don't really enjoy using social medias (yes, such people exist - we're among them and use social networks for professional stuff only). Then, it was the chance to offer you a recap of our recent activities, in a monthly rate for now (the 4th wednesday of each month) and maybe more frequently later. Let us know if you'd want it more frequent or if the monthly rate is OK with you!

And what's next?

There is a high chance for us to have a REALLY huge update before the end of October, although nothing's confirmed for now. We would begin the actual live shows circa december (we're kinda busy with the EP and the surprise teased below for now), and we'll try our best to give you the finest Rock&Roll we can do!!!

See you next month, Dragons!





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