The story behind Escape the Maze

Our single Escape the Maze (available at this page) conveys a dungeon crawling tale where the line-up of Scarlet Slander battles some terrifying foes (among them is the demon on the single’s artwork). Even if the message of the text would be interresting to discuss, we’ll tell you about the origins of this original idea within the Rock&Roll scene this week.

The very idea of dungeon crawling came to us when we were lost at the core of Gare Montparnasse while we struggled to find our path (in order to reach the cultural center above us). We found an old, lacking-lyrics record earlier in the day. We stated that, in memory of this twist, we should write an adventure story, more precisely a dungeon crawling one. Think qbout us if, by pure chance, you’re passing through the depth of this labyrithic station!

The story has now ended, and we advise you to comment the post to tell us your thoughts about this new media we’re using, and to share it if the fact entertained you; as for us, we’ll be back next saturday at 2pm for a post about Scarlet, a tenacious rock lady with strong values who will unwillingly become a fierce fighter !


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