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Jenny Paksin

Lead Singer - Since 2013 | Founding Member

Leader of Scarlet Slander, she is a Glam Metal lover since her childhood. In order to convey the spirit of Rock and Roll, she founded Scarlet Slander (formerly Glamour Survivor) with Lucas' brother, inspired by the infamous band Mötley Crüe. She also performs for a New Wave project called Angel:BlackLight.

If Scarlet Slander was a RPG party, she would be the mage.

Lucas Labaye

Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals - since 2014

Lead Guitar of Scarlet Slander, he joined the band shortly after his brother and Jenny founded the band. Rhythm guitar at first, he became the lead guitar after his brother's departure and then became Scarlet Slander's guitar hero and co-composer. His major influences are Michael Schenker, Vinnie Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen for the players, and Van Den Plas, Dokken for the bands. He also loves thirds in composition, that became a private joke among the band and almost a meme.

If Scarlet Slander was a RPG party, he would be the bard.

Denise LQ

Bass Player - since 2018

Bassist of Scarlet Slander, she began to play guitar some years before joining the band. After realizing she's not the guitar girl, she began to play bass, inspired by such bands as Mejibray, Born, or Royz, plus Josh Mancell's composition for Crash Bandicoot. Already helping Scarlet Slander with its organization and online strategy, she bought a bass and became a full-time member! Her look is based on pop culture (g33k) and Harajuku fashion elements she's fond of mixed with good ol' Rock&Roll elements!

If Scarlet Slander was a RPG party, she would be the barbarian.